City of Boulder City
Efficient Appliance Rebate Programs

In May of 2008 the City Council of Boulder City adopted Resolution No. 5210 adopting new electrical utility rebates in Boulder City, NV. New technologies in energy efficiency warrant Boulder City to update the rebate program. This program will be looked at on a yearly basis and updated if needed according to the advancements in technology at that time. All rebate applications must be submitted within 60 days of installation and on a first come first serve basis. Monies are limited so submit your application today before no more rebates are available.

Solar Water Heater

$200 Solar Water Heater
for addition of a SOLAR domestic water heating system to supplement electric domestic water heating (min. 40 gallons of solar storage is required).

Solar Screen and Window Film

$0.50 Per Square Foot
for the installation of SOLAR SCREENS on West facing windows (shading coefficient not greater than 0.4) and for the installation of WINDOW FILM on West facing windows (shading coefficient not greater than 0.45, reflectivity not greater than 40%).

Evaporative Cooler

$50 per 1,000 CFM
for installing EVAPORATIVE COOLERS to supplement refrigerated air-conditioning serving living spaces. One time rebate of $50 per 1,000 CFM per manufacturers specs. Does not apply to replacement of existing coolers. Must have a minimum of 1-1/2 tons of existing refrigerated air conditioning.

$70 - $125 Per Ton

for replacing your old Air Conditioner with an energy efficient unit.  $70 per ton for a residential unit with S.E.E.R. of 14.0 to 14.9, $125 per ton for a residential or commercial unit with S.E.E.R. of 15.0 or greater.

INCLUDES: Gas-Packs, Heat Pumps, and Air-Conditioners

$100 - $200 Pool Pump

for the replacement of an e xisting pool pump with a new efficient two-speed pumps ($100 rebate) or efficient variable-speed pumps ($200 rebate).

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